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Holiday Jewel 1995 Porcelain Barbie Doll NRFB

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Product Description

Holiday Jewel 1995 Porcelain Barbie Doll NRFB
Holiday Jewel 1995 Porcelain Barbie Doll NRFB

The Holiday Jewel Barbie is a picture of porcelain beauty. This 1995 collector’s doll is part of a limited collection and blushes pink with her light blue eyes sparkling at you. Her rich and regal velvet gown has rhinestones and glittering embroidery that add a glow to this porcelain Barbie’s sweet face.

This 1995 collector’s doll also dons an embroidered tiara that nestles on her crown of golden hair, while the earrings complete her look. Hand-painted, this porcelain Barbie comes with a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. Enjoy the festive season with the Holiday Jewel Barbie.

Product Identifiers
Brand Barbie
Model Year 1995
Doll Name Holiday Jewel
MPN 14311
Unique Serial Number 40361

Key Features
Theme Porcelain
Collection / Series Holiday Porcelain Barbie Collection

She is like new with packing material in place. Main Photo is the stock photo for this doll.