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Etude The Music Magazine 1950 September

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Etude The Music Magazine 1950 September


Classic and Contemporary Compositions:

Polka, from "The Golden Age" Shostakovitch

The Parting Hour Ralph Federer

Friendship Waltz Paul Stoye

Along Birchwood Waters Hugh Bryson

Fleecy Clouds Frank Grey

God of Our Fathers Warren-Kohlmann

Falling Blossoms Vernon Lane

Fleeting Fancies O Scheldrup Oberg

Little Tango (Piano Duet) Ella Ketterer

Picaninny (Piano Duet) Ella Ketterer

Choral Composition:

Alleluia Otto Luening

Vocal and Instrumental Compositions:

Piece Jubilante (Organ) Reginald W. Martin

Contrasts (Vocal) Percy Faith

Caprice (Violin) Franz Drdla

Pieces for Young Players

Sleep-a-Lot Land Ada Richter

Rolling Hoops Milo Stevens

Tom Thumb March Beryl Joyner

Old Mister Sandman Louise E. Stairs


Audiences I Have Known Artur Rubinstein

New World of Dodecaphonic Music L.O. Symkins

Tuner's Tantrum Wade Van Dore

I Learned Piano at 50 C.C. Austin

Why Not Better Violin Strings? E.V. Sundt

The Secret of Bel Canto Eugene Casselman

What is Technique? Simon Barere