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Sheet Music Book Famous Songs Vol 3 for Tenor

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Sheet Music Book Famous Songs Vol 3 for Tenor
Standard Songs by the best composers 1902 Hardback
Edited by H.E. Krehbiel (Four Volumes in series)
Publisher: The John Church Company
Condition Used Very Good Yellowing to Pages
Pages 223

Titles: Arne: the lass with the delicate air
Bach: gone from me evermore
Beethoven: Adelaide
Bishop: my pretty Jane, or When the bloom is on the rye
Bohm: Still as night Brahms: Like a blossoming lilac
Brahms: ah sweet my love
Clay: I’ll sing thee songs of Araby
Cornelius: What sound is that De
Faye: Tell her I love her so
D’Hardelot: without thee
Dvorak: Songs my mother taught me
English: Drink to me only with thine eyes
Faning: I’ve something sweet to tell you
Fesca: Far from my birth place
Foorster: I love thee
Folk song: all through the night
Folk song: How can I leave thee
Folk song: Loch Lomond
Folk song: Coolun
Franz: For music
Franz: Marie
Goetze: O happy day
Gounod: The valley
Gregh: Come to thy window
Grieg: I love thee
Hahn: With haste my soul would be flying
Heise: Little Karen
Jensen: O let me press thy cheek to mine
Jensen: Murmuring breezes
Jensen: Marie
Kjerulf: Last night
Lassen: It was a dream
Lassen: Thine eyes so blue & tender
Liszt: Thou’rt like unto a flower
Liszt: The love that linketh soul to soul
Loewe: The bellringer’s daughter
Massenet: Sweet good night
Massenet: open thy blue eyes
Mattei: Dear heart
Mendelssohn: A hunter’s song
Meyerbeer: O lovely fisher maiden
Meyer-Helmund: I think of thee, sweet Margareta
Purcell: I attempt from love’s sickness to fly
Raadecke: the swallows’ song
Raff: Love finds out the way
Raff: Serenade
Ries: Beloved Columbia
Rubinstein: Thou’rt like unto a flower
Rubinstein: Longing
Saint-Saens: The tourney of King John
Salaman: I arise from dreams of thee
Schubert; MY sweet repose
Schubert: Who is Sylvia
Schumann: Blondle’s song
Schumann: The lotus flower
Sinding: I heard the gull
Standford: My love’an Arbutus
Stange: Favoring breeze
Sullivan: Orpheus with his lute
Tchaikovsky: Ah, sad indeed my heart
Thomas: O vision entrancing
Tosti: Beauty’s eyes
Tosti: Ninon
Weidt: how fair art thou