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Harmony Kingdom Small Treasure Jest Courtenay


Product Description

Harmony Kingdom Small Treasure Jest Courtenay
Harmony Kingdom Small Treasure Jest Courtenay

Artist: David Lawrence
Item No: TJDLCA6
Made In: England
Status: Fixed Edition
Edition Size: 5000
Dimensions (Inches): 2.6 x 1.8 x 2.5

Algenon Fortisque Smythe was a nasty little boy. He got what he wanted - always- by means of wheedling, whining, tears or threats. One Christmas, his parents decided that nothing less than a whole box full of toys would do for dear Algie. Of course by mid morning Algenon was bored with it all. The toys did prove popular with one of the household: Courtenay the underfootman’s moggy. Finding the box in the store room on Boxing Day morning he turfed out the expensive contents, after a little playful mauling, and settled down to sleep in its comfy interior. Richard Courtenay crafted miniature figures, especially of knights, which are still produced today. On the sides of the toy box are some famous puppets: Mr. Punch, his wife Judy, his dog Toby and the policeman. The Punch and Judy characters have been entertaining for 300 years, and possibly longer. On the interior is an ice cream cone. David Lawrence’s signature acorn is located under the teddy bear’s arm.